Increase brand loyalty by allowing users to control the data collected about them & establish trust through transparency.

As a result of the increasing number of data breaches and the misuse of personal information, privacy management is a growing part of the modern marketing landscape.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has largely been perceived as a legal issue, due to the fines that can be imposed because of non-compliance, but it’s also created opportunities for brands to build greater trust with their users. In fact, according to research conducted by iProspect, 88% of global marketers say trust is a priority in 2019, and they are looking to build this trust through credibility, relevancy, and reliability.

Fueled by consumer privacy laws like the GDPR, most marketers are turning to solutions like Commanders Act CMP that alert website and mobile app users of the personal data that’s being captured, stored, and shared with third parties.

This documentation will provide you with an overview of Commanders Act CMP, setup guides per platform, user guides per feature and a knowledge base for frequently asked questions.


Commanders Act CMP consists of following components:


Commanders Act CMP supports following frameworks:

  • IAB TCF 2.0

  • Google ACM


It is possible to extend Commanders Act CMP with following modules:

These modules are set up and configured by a Commanders Act consultant.


Please refer to the Setup Guides section for detailed installation instructions of Commanders Act CMP per platform. In case your platform is not listed you can reach out to a Commanders Act consultant for a custom implementation.

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