MixCommander is a Multi Touch Attribution (MTA) software for marketers. It helps them understanding the buyers Customer Journeys and optimize their budget allocation.

MixCommander provides numerous out-of-the-box attribution reports and has over 40 metrics and attributes to choose from when designing custom reports. Additionally, CRM and device filters can be applied to these reports to isolate campaign performance by specific audience segments.

Reports can easily be shared among your team and with your third-party vendors, and dashboards can be created using drag-and-drop functionality.

The MixCommander product meets a number of objectives:

  • Tracking the overall performance of your campaigns.

  • Understanding your customers’ journeys before they convert on your site.

  • Simulating new attribution models and comparing their impact on your ROI (return on investment) analysis.

  • Analyzing the ROI of your campaigns and understanding what the most effective paid or natural levers are.

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