Contributive Analysis (lab)

The 'contributive analysis' reports allows you to benefit from a new angle of analysis of your customers journeys and to highlight the stage at which your partners and your campaigns are helping you score points in the generation of a conversion. This analysis is carried out from the data that we calculate for you, in a trusted third party position. It is carried out without sampling and without prioritization rules. It naturally benefits from our reconciliation algorithm which brings together conversion journeys started on different devices.

This part of the reports highlights the top of contributors.

INITIATOR : The beginner, the first click

SCORER : Is the finisher the last click

PASSER : is only a contributor. Not first and not last click. He is between them.

AUTONOMOUS : only the one on the customer journey (to come)

In this analysis we take in account only the click touch point.

The loockback window is 90 days

How to read ?

Unsurprisingly, the customer journeys are very rich, the channels and media partners are more and more numerous. So how do you gain height and identify the information that will allow you to understand and make the right decisions? We suggest you zoom in on the key contact points. The 'Contributive Analysis' report is a playground where the different channels and partners work as a team. Like a competition, each element plays a well-defined role. We tend to favor the 'last touch' but in order for it to be able to finalize, it needs others to prepare the ground for it upstream. What leverage makes it possible to initiate new journeys, the one that attracts new customers? Between the start and the end of the journey, which channel/ partner ensures that the user comes back and does not forget the message? You might expect this to be retargeting, but you might just be surprised!

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