Deactivation of custom reports

Switching to Live Report Builder

Dear Customer,

We have created Live Report Builder (LRB) to bring you real-time functionality, a new higher-performance architecture, a simplified report creation process and an improved view to address the limitations with custom reports.

Therefore, custom reports will be deleted and replaced by LRB (refer to the schedule at the bottom of the page).

What about your data history?

The LRB module has been storing data since 18 March 2019, so that you can create reports retrospectively going back 15 months and analyse your campaign performance.

If you wish to archive the old data in your custom reports, we advise you to create backups using the export function or by contacting us (support or account manager) before 6 October 2020.

Refer to the schedule in the document below for details on the deactivation of custom reports.

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