Channel Sunburst (lab)

Customer journey visualisation

This feature is flagged to "LAB" (aka Laboratory feature), it means that interfaces are not definitive and may evolve in the future.

The Sunburst Reports give an easy to understand visual representation of the channels preceding a conversion along the customer journey. These reports will give you the insight you need to better allocate your digital marketing spend.

This type of visualization shows hierarchy through a series of rings that are sliced for each channel node. Each ring corresponds to a level in the hierarchy, with the central circle representing the root node and the hierarchy moving outwards from it. Rings are sliced up and divided based on their hierarchical relationship to the parent slice.

In the above graph, the size of each slice is made proportional to the value of its immediate parent ring.

Hover over a ring or a portion of a ring in the Sunburst Report's diagram to reveal the percentage of conversions that traversed the path from the selected vein.

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