Share a report

When you create a new report, only you (and administrators) can see it. You can share your report using the "Share" button when you are editing your report.

All your reports created before June 24, 2020 will be only visible by you and administrators. You will have to share them if you want that other users can see it.

You can choose to share your report with some specific users and/or with a group of users (profiles), and define if these users will be availabe to modify it or only view it.

Ability to give access or not to the data set

There are 2 ways to manage this feature

1) Manage this option by configuring the profiles.

You can for example create un standard profile dedicated for your agencies and lock the possibility of accessing all of your data

2) Manage this option by configuring user rights

Your can now share a report with this new profil.

When the option "edit Dataset" is off the user will not be able to edit the data set in the report

Dont forget to publish the report ! otherwise the partner will not be able to display the report.

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