Combine Your Data Sources to Create Actionable Insights and switch to Segment-Based Marketing Campaigns.

To increase relevancy, many marketers are building a single view of their prospects and customers that goes beyond the devices they’re using to consume digital content or the channels they’ve previously engaged with. This is made possible with DataCommander as it allows enterprises to compile, standardize, and store all previous prospect and customer interactions in one place that’s accessible for future campaigns.

This solution seamlessly integrates with many CRM platforms enabling both sales and marketing teams to enhance their existing prospect and customer profiles with online and offline purchasing data, browsing histories, previous marketing campaign exposures, and even call center interactions.

The DataCommander platform automates the process of combining data across disparate solutions enabling marketers to do what they do best: understanding their audiences, designing relevant campaigns to target them, analysing campaign performance and leveraging the insights gained to optimise future campaigns.

Commanders Act’s DataCommander meets two main objectives: to help you better understand your data and to help you make the most of it. In a nutshell, it allows you to:

*Optimize traffic acquisition.

*Increase conversion rates.

*Collect and match data obtained from different sources (web, CRM, CMS …).

*Prepare data for optimized use by segmenting it.

*Share data among players within your partner ecosystem (retargeting, testing partners).

*Activate data directly from our TagCommander product.

In order to enrich your DataCommander module with varied data, you need to connect it to as many data collection tools and databases as possible. The more of them you connect, the larger your data universe will be, and you will get to know your audience more deeply.

The data layer, which is placed on your site’s source code during the setup of our TagCommander product, is the first level of data that will be exploited with DataCommander.

In the following articles, you will find essential concepts explained to better understand the product and its full potential.

Within Commanders Act’s DataCommander, a segment is a cluster of information obtained from different types of data categories that are continuously included in the module:

-Page views


-Conversions (coming up)

-Customer journeys (coming up)

This information can be obtained from your data layer or all other sources of data (Commanders Act MixCommander’s customer journey, call center-obtained information, CRM, etc).

The characteristics of information comprising a segment can be narrowed thanks to logical operators AND and OR: a segment can be created/defined if it meets a number of conditions expressed with said operators.

These conditions can also be placed in groups in order to make a segment more precise. The logical operator AND can be used to create those groups. Please refer to the examples below for clarification.

Examples of segments:

  • Hot leads: all visitors who visited your site at least once and added a product to the shopping cart in the last 24hours.

  • Loyal clients: all visitors having purchased something on the site in the last six months.

  • Wealthy clients: visitors having purchased something on the site in the last six months and with an average basket of more than EUR 1,000.

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