Marketing Preferences Center (Trust Premium only)

What is our Marketing Preferences Center?

Marketing Preferences Center is part of our Trust Premium offer. It allows you to build a personalized Preferences Center where online and offline consents are merged around unified users and stored in the same database.

Then, you can easily create and customize a web page to display this information to visitors who want to manage their consents and personal information.

It turns a legal page into a preference center that is way more valuable for a customer as it is more like a sharing space between the brand and their visitors/clients rather than just a way to collect the consent.

How it works?

Marketing Preferences Center is a realtime searchable nosql database. We provide also a dedicated API to read and/or write consents on this database (

· Consents are collected through our Trust Commander CMP solution (native integration)

· Consents coming from a CRM database could be added with our FTP importer files or our API (

· Our customers can personalize the look and feel of their marketing preferences center page, we don’t host the webpage.

· Paid option: our customers can choose to receive regularly a full consents database copy to have a backup on their side


  • The API accepts a maximum of 20 preferences

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