Assign Categories

Assign TagCommander tags to TrustCommander categories.

TRUST > Categories & Tags (tab ASSIGN TAGS)

TagCommander tags can be assigned to TrustCommander categories & vendors in following locations.

  • In ASSIGN TAGS section of TrustCommander.

  • In the EDIT tab of TagCommander.

This section is only available in case you use TrustCommander with TagCommander.

Assign categories & vendors in TrustCommander interface

Categories & vendors are managed per TagCommander container. You can select a TagCommander container in the left column. Then you can manage following TrustCommander setting per tag on the right side of the interface.

This option enables TrustCommander to block a tag depending on a visitors privacy setting. It is possible to activate or deactivate this setting for all tags via the all and none buttons on top of the column.

Additionally you can also manage these TrustCommander settings for following elements:




TagCommander events that are implemented with the deprecated tc_events_xxx functions (events are now handled with TagCommander Trigger and therefore managed with normal tags).


Commanders Act related hits that are initiated from the container (this includes hits for functionalities like tag deduplication, tag hierarchy, and other). A separate category is available for the cookie sync option. This setting is synced between all client-side TagCommander container.


Custom JavaScript that can be implemented in TagCommander container (found in ADVANCED section of the Edit tab).

Containers have to be re-generated and deployed to apply these changes.

Assign categories in TagCommander interface

For convenience it is also possible to directly assign TrustCommander categories & vendors inside the Edit tab of TagCommander. Assigning a category & vendor also includes the tag in the privacy scope.

In case a new vendor is added to the account the tag will not be fired when a user provided an optin for the corresponding category. Therefore it is necessary to activate the "Re-activate privacy" option during the generation of a new banner version to re-ask consent. The option "Don't re-ask the consent to trigger this tag" will change this default behaviour so that the vendor will receive an automatic optin based on the corresponding category.

IAB TCF V2.0 option

In case you choose to manage tags with IAB 2.0 you do not need to assign IAB compliant tags in the category assignation tab. IAB compliant tags are automatically controlled by the IAB framework.

It is still possible to assign tags to categories to allow TrustCommander to manage them directly with TagCommander.

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