Responsability of actors

The collection of personal information is regulated by law at European level with the GDPR.

As a European player, Commanders Act fits into this framework and pays particular attention to the governance of its data.

This page explains the positioning of Commanders Act and that of its customers within this regulatory framework.

Commanders Act

Under RGPD rules, Commanders Act acts as a data processor. Therefore, Commanders Act is responsible for the following obligations:

- maintain data security

- continuously improve security processes

- duty of cooperation, in particular in the event of control by the CNIL

- appointment of a data protection officer

- keep a processing register

- notify any data breach to the data controller

The customer

Customers of Commanders Act, users of the platform, are considered data controllers. Therefore their obligations are:

- decide on the purpose of the processing (reasons for the processing, categories of data)

- decide on the means of processing (retention period, recipient, right of opposition, right of rectification)

Commanders Act puts its technical expertise at the service of its customers in order to guarantee the protection of users' personal data.

As your partner and processor, we are at your disposal for all questions on data protection subjects.

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