Steps to implement TrustCommander with TagCommander

TrustCommander and TagCommander are natively integrated with each other. This setup requires minimal technical knowledge and can be done entirely in the interface.


Following you will find the required steps to implement a standard TrustCommander setup.

  1. Choose the default account configuration mode for your account (see Options).

  2. Setup your TrustCommander categories & vendors (see Manage Categories).

  3. Assign your TrustCommander categories & vendors to your TagCommander tags (see Assign Categories)

  4. Create one or multiple banner templates (see Manage Banner)

  5. Deploy your TrustCommander banner templates to the Commanders Act CDN or on premise target (see Deploy Banner).

  6. Connect your privacy banner templates with TagCommander container and implement rules for which the banner should be played out (see below).

Install TrustCommander banner with TagCommander container

To deploy a TrustCommander banner with TagCommander it needs to be linked to a container. TagCommander can then be use to implement detailed rules for which a TrustCommander banner is shown to visitors.

Implement rules to show TrustCommander banner

TAG > Tag Management > Edition (tab RULES)

In TagCommander it is possible to provide exact conditions to decide when each of the linked privacy banners should be shown to visitors. Typical use cases consist of:

  • Implement different banner for different languages or regions

  • Avoid to deploy the banner on legal pages (privacy policy) so that users can read them before providing consent.

  • Implement AB test for two banner designs.

You can create constrains under the PRIVACY BANNERS section to define under which conditions a privacy banner should be shown. Privacy banner constraint work the same way as tag constraints. Please reference constraints in the TagCommander documentation for more information.

You have to first deploy a banner to the Commanders Act CDN or on premise location before being able to configure constraints (see Deploy Banner).

TAG > Tag Management > Edition (tab GENERATE)

TagCommander makes it easy to implement TustCommander banner on websites. To link a privacy banner with a TagCommander container it just has to be activated in the GENERATE tab with the ACTIVATION checkbox. This installs the selected privacy banner in the generated container version.

You have to first deploy a banner to the Commanders Act CDN or on premise location before boing able to link it (see Deploy Banner).

All containers of your website should be re-generated and deployed when installing a new privacy banner.

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