Manage Vendors

Management of TrustCommander privacy vendors.

TRUST> Categories & Tags (tab MANAGE VENDORS)

In this section you can manage your TrustCommander privacy vendors. These vendors will be used by your privacy center to provide users with detailed privacy management options.


To enable native vendors go to TRUST > Options and activate the custom vendors option.

Click ADD VENDOR to add vendors to your TrustCommander installation. You can select vendors available on TagCommander (Predefined Vendors) or add custom vendors (Custom Vendor) by selecting the respective tab. A Commanders Act vendor is available by default.

Each vendor can be mapped to TrustCommander categories with the respective dropdown. This allows users to provide consent to all vendors of a category at once in the privacy center. A PEN icon allows to edit information of the vendor that is displayed in the privacy center. Following fields are available per vendor. A TRASH icon allows to remove the vendor.




Name of the vendor. Privacy centers will display this name.


ID of the vendor. This ID is used in raw data exports and for technical setup of certain functionalities. It is possible to manually provide an ID. In case the field is left empty a category ID will be assigned automatically.


Description of the vendor. Privacy centers use this description as the default description for this vendor in case no localisation was provided in the banner editor.

Policy URL

Privacy Policy Link of the vendor. Privacy centers display this URL for each vendor.

It is possible to map vendors to multiple categories for stand-alone installation of TrustCommander. Tags in TagCommander can only be mapped to one category and vendor.

It is necessary to generate and deploy new version of privacy banners to deploy updates in the vendor section.

IAB vendors

TrustCommander is compliant with IAB TCF 2.0 (Link to official listing). To enable IAB vendors go to TRUST > Options and activate the IAB option.

Click ADD IAB TCF 2.0 VENDORS to manage the IAB vendors with your TrustCommander installation. You can either select all vendors or select specific vendors that are relevant for your setup.

The description of IAB TCF 2.0 vendors is automatically loaded from the IAB TCF 2.0 framework.

TrustCommander automatically configures purposes, special purposes, features and special features in the CATEGORIES tab depending on the selected vendors.

Google ACM vendors

To enable Google ACM vendors go to TRUST > Options and activate the IAB option and the Google ACM vendors.

Google Additional Consent Mode (ACM) allows to manage consent for Google Ad Technology Providers (ATP) (that are not part of the IAB TCF Global Vendors List) alongside IAB TCF vendors.

Add Google ACM vendor allows to add Google ACM vendors to add a Google ATP to your TrustCommander installation. Each vendor has to be mapped to a TrustCommander category.

Descriptions for the ATP that are shown in the TrustCommander privacy center are automatically loaded from the Google ACM list.

Google ACM vendor management only works with IAB TCF 2.0 banner templates.

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