Manage Categories

Management of TrustCommander privacy categories.

TRUST> Categories & Tags (tab MANAGE CATEGORIES)

In this section you can manage your TrustCommander privacy categories and sub-categories. These categories will be used by your privacy center to provide users with detailed privacy management options.

Category options

Each TrustCommander privacy category has following options:

Managing categories

Default category

In case you use TrustCommander with TagCommander you can select a default category with a dropdown on the top left of the interface. New tags in TagCommander will automatically receive the default category as their privacy category. The default category has a * in the category list.

Creating categories

To add a new category press ADD CATEGORY on the the top right of the interface.

TrustCommander supports up to 10 categories.

Editing categories

You can edit a TrustCommander category by pressing the pencil icon to the right of the category.

Deleting categories

You can delete TrustCommander categories by pressing the x icon to the right of the category.

You need to regenerate your privacy banners after adjusting privacy categories. In case you install TrustCommander with TagCommander you will also need to regenerate your TagCommander container so that your tags have access to the updated categories.

IAB categories

TrustCommander is compliant with IAB TCF 2.0 (Link to official listing). To enable IAB categories go to TRUST > Options and activate the IAB option.

TrustCommander is compliant with IAB TCF 2.0 (Link to official listing) and can use predefined IAB TCF purposes instead of manually configuring categories. Go to TRUST > Options tab to activate IAB TCF 2.0 option for your account.

IAB TCF 2.0 purposes, special purposes, features and special features are automatically added to the CATEGORIES tab depending the vendors you add in the MANAGE VENDORS tab. You can still add custom categories that you can use side by side with the predefined IAB categories.

The description of IAB TCF 2.0 categories is automatically loaded from the IAB TCF 2.0 framework.

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