Method to obtain consent when it becomes available.

Method to obtain consent when it becomes available.The Commanders Act OnSite API stub has to be installed before using any of the OnSite API functions.

cact('consent.onReady', function (result) { ... })

The consent.onReady method allow to subscribe a callback function for when consent is set. The callback function will be called only once, with the updated Consent Object. It is called whenever the consent is set via a consent banner interaction or when a consent cookie is already set.

Like in the command consent.onUpdate, the consentObject argument will be enriched with the property updateEvent, but only with the value 'set'.


In this example, the code is waiting for the user's interaction with the consent banner. The Analytics category was configured with the consent category id 2 on privacy banner.

cact('consent.onReady', function (result) { 
    const ANALYTICS_ID = 2;
    const analyticsCategory = result.consent.categories[ANALYTICS_ID] || {};
    if (analyticsCategory.status === 'on') {
        // Consent was provided for the category. 
    } else {
        // Consent was not provided for the category. 

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