You can download it in your account section (bottom left menu):

And then in the "advanced" section:

The Bookmarklet is a widget that allows you to:

*Test container versions on your sites before deploying them by simulating their presence on the sites.

*Verify tags are being called.

*Verify the variables from the data layer and the values that populate them.

*List the cookies present on the site.

*To See the Customer Journey.

*Implement events.

Click Events (1) and then Implement (2)

Select the element/event you wish to set up (3) [It will be highlighted in pink]

Fill in the form with the required information.

To install the Bookmarklet, follow these steps:

1) Click the Admin tab.

2) Drag and drop the button to your favorites’ bar.

3) Go to the site you wish to use the Bookmarklet on.

4) Click the corresponding bookmark and log in (with the same credentials you log in with to the commanders act interface).

Note: the extension is compatible with all browsers (most up to date versions).

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