Manage consents in Serverside context

If you setup a serverside tag from your web container, one way to manage consents is to fire or not your serverside tag depending of your CMP signal. Commanders Act offers with TrustCommander an integrated way to manage the firing of your tags depending of consent categories by a simple mapping beetween your tags and your categories.

Nevertheless, for a more precise management, even in hybrid setup we recommand to manage consent in serverside constraints.

2. Managing consents with serverside's constraints

We recommand to manage your serverside's tags through constraints, using a variable containing the list of optin categories.

    1. Create an external variable consent_categories and feed it with the user's consent from your CMP. We recommand that consent_categories is feeded by a list of categorie's ids. (You can also create one variable per category of course if needed)

  • 2. Create a constraint in your serverside container that rely on consent_categories

  • 3. Attach the constraint to your tags

With TrustCommander, you can get your consent categories easily inside your client container using our Javascript APIcact('consent.get') and put the result inside a variable that will be send through your serverside tag. See documentation here :

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