Deduplication is the conditional activation on the confirmation page of a website, of the tag(s) responsible for the conversion.

This activation is possible by capturing and reading the parameters of your tracking URLs through TagCommander.

Within our interface, tags can be deduplicated with configurable rules depending on their position throughout the customer journey: at the beginning, at the end, or anywhere.

For example, if before converting on your site a user saw and clicked a banner served by your retargeting partner, you can set up a rule to call only that partner’s confirmation tag on the confirmation page.

The deduplication module in Commanders Act is included in your TagCommander offer.

It allows you to create rules to fire confirmation tags (mostly but not only) based on:

  • A digital marketing channel (SEM, Display, Retargeting, Affiliation, etc).

  • A traffic source linked to that channel (digital marketing solutions such as Criteo, Netaffiliation, Marin, Tradedoubler, etc).

  • The position of the touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

  • Whether a click or impression – or both – are involved.

Note: Channel and source information is read and captured from the parameters in your tracking URLs if you use our “TagCommander” product only. However, if you have subscribed to other products in our suite (“MixCommander”), you can use Commanders Act redirects, in which case there would be no URL parameter capture.

There are many benefits from activating the deduplication module:

  • Preserving information confidentiality: by activating solely the tag of the partner responsible for a conversion, you limit information leakage about your sales, leads, order amounts, among others, to all your providers, and communicate only what pertains to a specific conversion generated by a specific solution to that very partner.

  • Saving time: Commanders Act’s deduplication module allocates conversions to partners in real time, helping you save time and not having to allocate conversions manually afterwards from information obtained through reports generated by your analytics tools and your partners.

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