Platform X

Javascript destination builder

For more advanced users, we propose to create custom destinations using server-side javascript (aka Node.js), but with an easy and simplified subset of Node.js : the Javascript Sandbox.

Javascript Sandbox

Sandboxed JavaScript is a simplified Javascript that allows you to execute arbitrary JavaScript logic from your custom destination securely and easily (no need to learn Node.js or to understand the async/await syntax for example. If you know the basics of Javascript ES5, it is enough)
This simplified Javascript is based on helpers, set of methods that allow you to easily and quickly process and send your data.
The technology for destination's template javascript sandbox in the platform is, to a large extent, compatible with Google Tag manager templates. In most cases, templates written for GTM run in Commanders'act with no (or few) changes
You can also import templates created on GTM inside your catalog in a few clics with a 100% no-code experience.