Condensed platform concepts

CAX Platform : Features and Functions

Commanders Act: Cookieless platform for first-party customer data collection, normalization, enrichment, and real-time transmission.


  • Source: Libraries/APIs collect user actions (events) from various platforms (websites, apps, POS).

  • Event: User actions tracked from sources and sent to CAX.

  • Destination: Tools/partners receiving the collected data in suitable format. Examples include GA4, Facebook CAPI, Google Enhanced Conversion.

  • Data store: Commanders Act's BigData database for storing events and imported data. Enables event or user enrichment, user segmentation, and data analysis.

  • Identity resolution

  • Data Insights : Campaign analysis, Automatic Ads budget optimisation (Adloop), Customer analytics, Control group

Data Integration:

  • Real-time tracking: Via OneTag, Javascript SDK, Google Tag Manager, Mobile SDKs, Rest API.

  • Third-party tools: Connectors catalog, destination builder, webhook.

  • Imports: Regular automated file imports (csv) for CRM users, offline conversions, product catalog, custom storage universe.

  • Data API: Specific data transmission via Data JSON APIs.

Data Quality:

  • Confidence: In-app reporting and daily email digests for invalid event action.

  • Normalized Datalayer UI: Interface for data schema definition and validation rule creation (event specs).

  • QA automation: Event specification writing for QA process automation and real-time alert definition.

  • Data Cleansing UI : Live data transformation feature for quick data error response.

  • Event Delivery UI: Quality check for data transmission and event delivery history view.

  • Event Inspector UI: Source and destination inspectors for specific event analysis/QA/debug


  1. Add OneTag from tag library in web container. Options: Builder (no code) and Custom (manual code).

  2. Setup tag. Use cact('trigger') to record user actions. Format: cact('trigger', '<event_name>', {<event_data>}, [config], [callback]);. Events have names, properties. Example:

    cact('trigger','sign_up', {
      method: 'email', 
      user: {
          consent_categories: [1,3,4,6]
  3. Event types: standard (recommended, predefined names, parameters) and custom (user-defined). Use standard properties in custom events.

  4. User consent automatically included in all events with Commanders Act CMP. With other CMP, manually add consent_categories inside user.

  5. Override default parameters (collectionDomain, sourceKey, siteId) if needed. Set globally for all events with cact('config').

  6. Check functionality with Event Inspector.

  7. Setup first destination. Add in Commanders Act platform, configure, choose source, manage user consent, save, check.

  8. Server-side consent management: event sent to destination only if match between user consent categories and destination consent category.

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