LinkedIn Conversions API

LinkedIn CAPI

LinkedIn is a business and employment-focused social media platform. Using this destination you can stream conversion events to LinkedIn through their Conversions API. This allows to measure the performance of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns no matter where the conversion happens and use this data to power campaign optimization. This destination can help strengthen performance and decrease cost per action with more complete attribution, improved data reliability, and better optimized delivery.

Key features

The LinkedIn destination provides the following key features:

  • Events structure: our Events reference model matches LinkedIn's conversion rules, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.

  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.

  • Smart mapping: data mapping can be readjusted using your datalayer defined fields.

Destination setup

Before using this destination, review your conversion rules and campaigns in LinkedIn:

First, ensure at least one conversion rule is defined in LinkedIn by accessing your Campaign Manager account and select Analyze(1)Conversion tracking(2)from the left menu:

Lastly, you need to associate your conversion rule with one or more campaigns. From the Conversion tracking section, click your conversion rule and reach step 3 where you can select the campaigns you want to track with the conversion:

In order to set the optional "Smart Mapping" fieldLinkedin UUIDor the related cookie li_fat_id, advertisers need to enable enhanced conversion tracking from Campaign Manager. This activates first party cookies that append a click identifier parameter ("li_fat_id") to the click URLs. Refer Enabling Click Ids for implementation details.

LinkedIn CAPI supports deduplication with your client-side Insight Tag. Check the "Smart Mapping" fieldEvent Id, Field Mappings (See propertyeventId) or this LINK for more details.





Your credentials with LinkedIn Campaign Manager as set in the Commanders Act interface following: AdministrationConnector CredentialsAdd connector credentialsLinkedinAds

Conversion Rule Name


Select your conversion rule name from the drop-down menu. You can create/edit a conversion rule by accessing your Campaign Manager account and select "Analyze" → "Conversion tracking" from the left menu.

Quick reference

Commanders Act EventsLinkedIn Tracking

[Any Event] [1]

[Any Conversion Rule] [2]

[1] Use Destination filters to specify your matching events. [2] SeeConversion Rule Namein Configuration for more details.

Field Mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature.

At least one of the following statements, related to "Smart Mapping" fields, must be fulfilled: • The fieldUser Email SHA256is set. • The fieldLinkedin UUIDor the cookieli_fat_idis set. • The fieldLiveRamp ACXIOM Idis set. • The fieldOracle MOAT Idis set. • Both fieldsUser First NameandUser Last Nameare set. Moreover, If you send any user information via "Smart Mapping" fields (E.g.User Company Name, User Job Title, orUser Country), you must set theUser First NameandUser Last Namefields, regardless if you provide other identity values listed above. More details are available following this LINK.

Commanders Act PropertiesLinkedIn Properties

"urn:lla:llaPartnerConversion:" + Conversion Rule Id

conversion [*]


conversionHappenedAt [*]






eventId [1]





user.userIds.X.idValue [2]





user.userIds.X.idType [3]










[*] Mandatory property. [1] The unique id generated by advertisers to indicate each event. This is used for deduplication. More details are available following this LINK. [2] If a clear text user email is provided, it's automatically hashed via SHA256. The "Smart Mapping" fieldLinkedin UUIDhas priority over the cookie li_fat_id. [3] Depending on the value being set inuser.userIds.X.idValue, this is one of the following strings:SHA256_EMAIL, LINKEDIN_FIRST_PARTY_ADS_TRACKING_UUID, ACXIOM_IDorORACLE_MOAT_ID. More details are available following this LINK.

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