Destinations catalog

Find here the list of all plug&play destinations.

Destinations are sorted per categories (Advertising, Emailing, Analytics, Push notifications...).

The destination's catalog homepage show an overview of 3 destinations per categories, click on the categories menu or on 'View all' to display the full destinations list. You didn't find the destination you were looking for? Do not hesitate to fill the request form to ask our team to add a new destination on the list, or use the Destination Builder

Newly added destinations are summarized on the New tab.

Flags meanings:

  • "New": the destination was just released

  • "Closed alpha": the destination is not open publicly, the backend is still in QA on our side (Commanders Act tests) and/or the partner.

  • "Beta" : the destination is usable by everybody, but it has to be validated with one ore more first (beta) customers

You need more information about a destination? Simply click on it, and you will have access to all details and requested settings for this destination.

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