Migrate from Fuse v1 to Fuse v2

What are the differences between V1 and V2?

On Fuse V1, the goal was to identify same users and duplicate for each visitor (cookie based) all the user data you could have on this person. For example, you collected data about a visitor A with a laptop and a visitor B with a mobile phone. If the Fuse algorithm noticed that visitor A = visitor B, it duplicates the information from visitor B to visitor A and vice-versa. So you can have an overview of visitors who shared the same information and are linked.

With Fuse V2, it goes further by merging these visitors in order to have a unique user with all the data collected. With Fuse V2, the goal is to detect with multiple reconciliation keys the same customer and unify all the data around 1 unique user in order to have a complete view of the customer across all devices and all channels.

With Fuse V2 your CDP become user-centric rather than cookie centric and that change the way you define your marketing campaigns: you don’t talk to devices anymore but to persons directly, to users.

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