IAB TCF v2.2 Migration guide Web

Step by step guide to remains compliant on the Web for TCF v2.2

Here's the 5 steps to follow to remains compliant with the TCF on your website

  1. Verify/Update your IAB Vendors The Vendors List has evolved, we recommend to verify your IAB Vendors selected. Data Governance > Consent Management > Vendors

  2. Setup an Accept All/Refuse all buttons in your privacy center Sources > Privacy Banners > Edit (select your banner) > Privacy Center tab > Buttons *don't forget to save your changes !

  3. Generate a new version of your Consent banner Sources > Privacy Banners > Edit (select your banner) > Generate *We recommend to check the option 'reactivate the privacy', so all you users will have the new consent string format, including the new purpose and the updated vendors

  4. Generate a new version of the Web Container related to you Consent Banner Sources > Web Containers > Edit (select your container) > Generate

  5. Deploy your latest versions of Web Container and Consent Banner

IAB Europe has released a new CMP Validator Chrome Extension available here

The deadline to migrate is November 20, 2023

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