Kwanko provides a global affiliation network connecting businesses with customers. Using this destination you can implement server-side lead and sale tracking.

Key features

The Kwanko destination provides the following key features:

  • Events structure: our Events reference covers Kwanko lead and sale tracking, meaning that your data is properly bridged to the expected fields in an optimized way.

  • Prebuilt mappings: data mapping for event-based destinations happens automatically, which simplifies user inputs.

  • Smart mapping: data mapping can be readjusted using your datalayer defined fields.

  • Custom properties: you can freely push custom properties based on your specific needs.

Destination setup


[1] Using "dots" (".") you can navigate deeper to the specific field you want to get the value of. See Events reference for more details on the standard field names by event. You can also freely set custom fields: there are no boundaries.

Quick reference

Field Mappings

Most properties can be remapped using our "Smart Mapping" feature. The Kwanko propertygdpr_kwkis always set to1. Manage your consent settings using the filter tab of this destination.

[1] IfCollection Server Base Urlis not the default value, theTracking Idis appended as part of base URL and themclicis not set.

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