Add tags

From the select step

The first step of the deployment process “SELECT” displays the tags present in your container and allows you to add new ones.

The main area of the “SELECT” interface displays all the tags already present in your container. Each block represents one tag: You can edit or delete your tag by clicking on the respective icons in the block.

You can search for a previously added tag by solution name using the “All vendors” filter in the drop-down menu or by searching for the tag name via the search box:

Click the blue “ADD TAG(S)” button to add a new tag to your tag list:

The Commanders Act tag library window will appear displaying the pre-configured tags in the interface. The tag library is composed of the following elements:

Search a tag“: Search box for finding a tag in the library by its name

All vendors“: Filter for finding tags by solution name

Search by letter: Tags in the library are sorted in alphabetical order (by tag name)

Tag library: All the tags in the library (click the tag(s) you want to add to your container)

Add tag(s)“: Click this button to add the selected tag(s) to the container

To add one or more tags to your container, check the desired tags and click the green “ADD TAG(S)” button. Your new tags will appear in the list of tags present in the container.

From the edit step

Go to the “EDITION” section. Follow the same steps then from the "SELECT" page

The blue ADD TAGS buttons will open the Commanders Act tag library.

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