Platform X


Basically, the platform libraries/API (Source) collects user actions (Event) on your website/app/etc. These events are sent to the platform servers and are then checked, enriched, normalized and translated in each tool (Destination) format, so that they can be sent to your chosen destinations.
Platform servers can also store events, users and custom data in the Commanders Act database (Data store) and send this data to your storage system (by FTP, email, ...), BI system, etc.


An event represents an action made by a user on your website or application. To track that action, you send an event that contains the data and will be received by Commanders Act. More information here.


A source is an emitter of events. It can represents your website, your mobile app, a point of sale (POS) etc. Defining your sources allow you to easily manage and monitor where your events are coming from. See our source catalog here.


Destinations are the partners where you eventually want the collected data to go. Commanders Act provide a library of many destinations ready to be used, like Facebook CAPI or Google enhance Conversion. See our destination catalog here.

Data store

Data store is the name of Commanders Act BigData database. You can store here your events and your imported data (product catalog, etc.) Storing data inside the Data store allows you then to enrich your events by retrieving additional data in any storage universe. It also allows you to create user segments.