Cookie Consent

Does Adloop require consent for cookies?

Yes and No.

Yes, cookie consent is required when the Attribution module is activated. Attribution consists in reconstructing users' conversion paths to measure the influence of each touchpoint, and a user ID is required for the system to function correctly. The cookie deposited by Adloop is completely anonymous and Adloop does not collect any personal information, however the RGPD requires informed consent from the user.

No. If you don't activate Attribution, no consent is required but many of Adloop's features remain available and operated on the basis of data from advertising platforms. Including Smart Alerts or Smart Recos. However, metrics will be less platform-independent and conversions duplicated without attribution.

How does tracking work via an Analytics application?

Adloop uses your Analytics applications to collect user behavioral data. To achieve this, we'll use custom dimensions that you create in your Analytics for Adloop's purposes, and you'll connect your Analytics to Adloop to allow us to retrieve the data. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the Attribution module, and our support team will assist you throughout the set-up.

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