6 key functions of Adloop

Adloop is a marketing data storage unit with a set of functionnalities here to help digital marketers' everydays' life.

For better clarity, we have ranked Adloop functionnalities in 6 broad categories.

CONNECT : Everything starts with a Data Source

Adloop does not collect data directly, it feeds itself from external Data sources which are :

  • Your Ad platforms which give you data that we usually call Ad-Centric : Impressions, clicks, ad names, campaign types, etc.

  • Your Analytics tools feeding Adloop in users behavior’s data on your sites and apps (Site-Centric data) : Pages viewed, add to the basket, account setup, purchase, visits demographic, etc.

  • Your CRM or business apps used to identify clients or prospects, communicate with them, know what they bought, etc. That is User-Centric .

All those data are sent to Adloop via API data connectors which are updated automatically every 3 hours.

To connect a Data Source to Adloop, go check out the Data Source page.

ANALYZE : A powerful reports system

Have you ever dreamed of being able to analyzing all your Platforms, Analytics and Attributed data in one single place ? Are you a wonderful analyst who wants to see 5 UTM then 12 metrics or KPIs in one single report ? You are getting tired or doing copy-paste in Excel to compare your Google Ads and Facecook Ads campaigns ?

Adloop is going to be your best friend!

To be more efficient, we put at your disposal a set of reports templates . You can save them, share them with your team or simply look at shared reports.

noteTo analyze data, go check out the Reports page.

To analyze data, go check out the Reports page.

ATTRIBUTE: Data-driven marketing attribution

Years of R&D to offer you the best attribution algorithm on the market. Data-driven and based on users behavior analysis, the Adloop Tracking & Attribution technology is going to put together the conversion paths (or non conversion paths) and build several reports based on those :

  • Conversions and revenues attributed with all KPIs related to the conversion : Attributed CPA, attributed ROAS…

  • Complete conversion path linked with order ID

  • Most frequent conversion path with a search system to identify winning scenarios.

  • Recommendations of calculated actions for each ad updated in real time

fc6c24c9-aa5f-4d09-9f6a-0218406d80362ba761d4-dd38-4dca-9cc8-a5bbdc974848DECIDEDThe Data Source Adloop Tracking & Attribution collect specific data from Adloop. It has to be activated and set up to be able to use the Attribution and the Recommandations tools.

  • The Data Source Adloop Tracking & Attribution collect specific data from Adloop. It has to be activated and set up to be able to use the Attribution and the Recommandations tools.

DISTRIBUTE : feeding external apps data

A data-extract system allowing to feed external systems in real time.

With DISTRIBUTE, no need to lose time doing copy-paste or looking for data in various platforms, everything is automatized .

Export destinations' connectors make possible to send data :

  • By mail, FTP or shared storages like Google Drive

  • To Data visualization apps like Google Data Studio , Tableau , or Power BI

  • To Datamarts like Google Big Query , AWS , Azure or Snowflake

Distribute the metrics and KPIs that you need in real time using our Export center.

NOTIFY : For informed and reactive teams

You always need to be notified about your campaigns without the burden of login to the ad plaforms or to Analytics tools? NOTIFY allows you to create alarms on whichever Data sources with whichever KPIs you need and to send them to yourself by mail or on any messaging app you want like Slack , Google Chat or MS Teams .

Set up the notifications and keep your teams informed and alert with the Notification center .

MANAGE : A global management of the marketing data

To organize your data menus as you want, to create matching rules between platforms and Analytics tools, to define calculated metrics that are specific to your activity, Adloop will offer you a simple interface to manage your data.

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