Slack Destination🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️

Adloop sends Notifications into a Slack Channel.

To add Adloop to your Slack Channel, you must have:

  1. Your Slack Space name

  2. Your Slack ID

  3. The Channel you want us to send Notifications to

1 - Where to find the Slack informations?

a - Your Slack Space name

You can find it in your Slack app by opening the top-left menu, it looks like [space_name]

b - Slack ID

It consists of a login (email address) and a password.

If you don’t remember the address you used, you can find it in the ‘View Profile’ link in your personnal menu, on the top-right corner of the Slack app.

c - Channel name

The connection system will display all the available channels, whether they are shared (beginning with a #) or personnal (one or several people)

2 - Connection procedure

Adding a Slack Destination starts with opening a connection with Slack.

If you are not already logged in, you will have to enter the previously indicated information in the different fields.

If you are already logged-in or after entering all the informations, you will have to choose the channel in a screen looking like this one:

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