Workspace and Sites

Data structure in Adloop

The data structure of Adloop is organized in two layers:

  1. The Workspace , accessible at an address such as

  2. Sites (previously Datasets ) which contain data, reports, exports, notifications etc.

To put it simply, the Workspace is the company and the Sites represent the brands or markets.

An example with an emblematic brand: Apple (Tim, if you are reading this...): the Workspace will be and the Sites: Apple France, Apple US, Apple UK - in which we will look at campaign info on these markets.


The Adloop Account of a company

An Adloop Workspace allows a Company to manage all of its markets or an Agency to manage some of its customers.

It is created by an Administrator through the available creation processes (Free Trial, Token sent by Adloop, ...).

An Adloop Workspace login address is always following this model : . The subdomain (host) ' company ' is freely chosen by the user who creates it.

Billing Unit

The Workspace is the Adloop billing unit: the duration of access rights and subscriptions are active for all Sites .

When the Subscription is terminated: an error message will be displayed when attempting to connect to the Workspace and access will no longer be possible unless renewed.

If the monthly Ad Spend amount of the Subscription is reached during the month, access will still be possible but the Data Source APIs will pause until the beginning of the next month. An informational email will be sent to the Administrator and an error message will be displayed for all Users .

The Ad Spend amount of the workspace can be found in the Sites section ( the total amount is only accessible to the Administrators ).


The Site contains the data from the Data Sources you have connected and all of Adloop's functionality on that data (Reports, Exports, Notifications etc.).

The list of Sites you have access to in the current Workspace is shown in the top left menu as shown below:

Sites are completely 'watertight' between each other: a User or an Administrator can have access to one Site but not another within the same Workspace .

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