Report template system

The Adloop report template system is very useful as it offers empty as well as already filled out reports for each report type that is available. It aims to serve the user to have a more seamless experience when using Adloop.

On the left-hand side, you can see 3 segments Data source, Report type, Funnel .

There are two main segments of the reporting page: Empty reports, Report templates.

1- Empty reports

The empty reports can be found at the top of the page. There are 6 different types of reports:

  • Table report

  • Chart report

  • Dashboard report

  • Cycle report

  • Channel Affinity report

  • Transaction ID report

2- Report templates

Below you can access some of the report templates that were created by the Adloop team to provide basic templates for the different types of reports.

There are 16 types of report templates available:

  • Google Analytics Key Google Analytics data by source/medium

  • Channels overview Quick overview of your channels

  • Chart clicks & CPC Click related data in a graph

  • Dashboard channels Channel perfomances in a dashboard

  • Analytics Dashboard Google Analytics data in a dashboard

  • Detailed SEA performances Performances at keyword level

  • Detailed Shopping performances Performances at product level

  • Detailed Display performances Performances at creative level

  • Detailed Affiliates performances Performances at affiliate level

  • SEA Dashboard SEA campaign performances in a dashboard

  • Shopping dashboard Shopping campaign performances in a dashboard

  • Display dashboard Display campaign performances in a dashboard

  • Affiliates dashboard Affiliates campaign performances in a dashboard

  • Affiliates / Channels Conversion Cycle Affilites autonomy

  • Channels conversion cycle Channel roles in the path to conversion

  • Chart Ad Spend & Revenue Ad-centric KPI’s

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