Smart alerts - Budget

Keeping track of sudden budget changes can be a challenge and that changes can go unnoticed for some time, leading to poor performances. That is why we are offering our very own solution: Adloop Smart Alert !

Anytime your budget on a channel is changing suddenly , you’ll receive an alert highlighting how consequent the change was as well as some context on that channel.

  • How did my conversions move?

  • What about my clicks?

  • Did my CPC get more expensive or cheaper?

When you receive this alert in your mailbox, you’ll be able, in less than one minute, to decide if you should take action or not .

You'll find them under the ‘Smart Alerts’ menu.

If you already had notifications set-up, don't worry, those haven't disappeared, you'll find them in xxx.

By default, all users on your dataset will be subscribed on that smart alert. You can change that list by going into the setting of the Smart Alert Budget. Note that this alert cannot be deleted .

  1. You can subscribe, add recipients, configure and test the smart budget alerts

![](.gitbook/Screenshot (29).png)

  1. You can manage recipients

![](.gitbook/Screenshot (30).png)

  1. You can set the sensitivity of your alerts

![](.gitbook/Screenshot (31).png)

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