Tracking Templates

How do tracking templates work?

Tracking templates enable us to link data from advertising platforms (spend, ad names) with attributed data (conversions, revenue), automatically, thanks to code added to the ad destination URL.

How do I set up tracking templates?

For most platforms, all you need to do is copy and paste the channel-specific code into the right place in the ad platform. Codes and specificities vary from platform to platform, and sometimes even from campaign to campaign (Search, Shopping...) within the same platform. Since most codes are dynamic, implementation is very quick and easy.

Do you have tracking templates for all data sources?

Yes and no. We have dynamic tracking templates for most major platforms. However, some platforms don't support macros. In this case, the tracking template has to be filled in manually, or the matching function in Adloop can be used. Both solutions are more complicated to set up.

If I forget to set up a tracking template for my new campaign, is it possible to retrieve the data after the fact?

No, data that hasn't been tracked correctly can't be recovered retrospectively. That's why it's essential to ensure that the tracking template is correctly set up.

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