Smart Alerts

What is a Smart Alert?

Adloop has developed algorithms for detecting anomalies within campaigns. Smart Alerts are a way for marketers to be informed of trends and react more quickly than if they had to see the problem in reports.

There are two types of Smart Alerts: Budget to detect abnormal variations in media budget within a channel, and Recap to identify points of attention on paid channels.

Do I need to configure Smart Alerts?

As soon as you connect a data source, you are automatically registered for Smart Alerts in a default configuration. You can subsequently unsubscribe from Smart Alerts, or edit a few configuration options, such as alert sensitivity or the type of data analyzed.

How will I receive Smart Alerts?

By default, we use e-mail, but you can also add connections to corporate messengers like Slack or Teams.

What's the difference between Smart Alert Budget and Recap?

Smart Alert Budget detects significant variations in the media budget within a channel, and analyzes the relative variation of key indicators to identify anomalies. For example, if your meta budget increases by 50% from one day to the next, you will be notified of an abnormal variation, while at the same time your conversions drop by 25%, this anomaly will also be noted. Analyses are carried out every day on the basis of the variation in relation to the previous day and the last 7 days.

The Smart Alert Recap provides a weekly or monthly assessment of all paid channels through variations in budget and reference KPIs at each level of the conversion funnel (Traffic, Engagement, Conversion). Abnormal variations are detected and notified to marketers, who can then react immediately to agencies or channel managers without having to analyze reports.

What is alert sensitivity?

It's the threshold at which the algorithm detects abnormal variations and anomalies. There are 3 sensitivity thresholds available:

  • Medium (default): medium-sized variations will be detected (+/- 25%)

  • High: weaker variations will be detected (+/- 15%)

  • Low: only strong variations will be detected (+/- 40%)

Can I send Smart Alerts to my own agency? Or if I have several agencies in charge of different channels?

Only Budget Smart Alerts can be sent by marketing channel. For these you can define specific recipients for each channel.

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