Instagram Post organic metrics & dimensions

It’s important to note that Facebook uses an “estimated metric”.

An estimated metric is derived through statistical sampling or modelling, rather than a straight count. Which means that there will be differences between the data in Adloop and the source when fetching the data for more than a day.

Metric name in Adloop

Metric name in Source


Impressions [Post] Impressions


Total number of impressions of the media object

Reach [Post] Reach


The number of people who saw your post at least once. Reach is different from impressions, which may include multiple views of your post by the same people. This metric is estimated.

Total reactions [Post] Total reactions

Likes and reactions

The number of likes on your post.

Comments [Post] Comments


The number of comments on your post.

Saved Post] Saved

Unique saves

Total number of unique accounts that have saved the media object

Videos completed [Post] Videos completed

Video views

Total number of times the video has been seen. Returns 0 for videos in carousel albums

Engagement [Post] Engagement


Total number of likes and comments on the media object

[Post] Replies

Story Replies

Total number of replies to the story

[Post] Taps forward

Story Taps forward

Total number of taps to see this story's next photo or video

[Post] Taps back

Story Taps back

Total number of taps to see this story's previous photo or video

Dimension name in Adloop

Dimension name in Source


Description [Post] Description


Caption of the post

Format [Post] Format


Type of the media object.

Placement [Post] Placement

Media product type

Surface where the media is published. Can be AD, FEED, IGTV, or STORY

[Post] ID


Graph ID of the media object

[Post] Instagram ID

Instagram id

Profile's Instagram ID

[Post] Permalink


URL of the post on Instagram

[Post] Account name


Profile's username

[Post] Date created


Date and time media was added

Last updated