Attributed conversions & revenue

Now that you set-up your behavioural attribution model in Adloop, you see that you have new metrics in your reports : attributed conversions & revenue.

The attributed conversion/revenue is the amount of conversion/revenue that can be attributed to a traffic source or campaign . It is very useful in analyzing return on ad spend and determining the digital marketing budgets.

Adloop attributed conversions & revenue will differ from the one indicated by Google Analytics or by the Ad Platforms and it is normal : we use our own behavioural algorithm to calculate attribution. Our attribution is behaviour-based, meaning that it takes into account the actions that the users did on your website.

Attribution KPI

a- Cost per attributed conversion

Ad Spend / Attributed Conversions

b- Attributed return on ad spend

Attributed Revenue / Ad Spend

Use those two KPI, compare them to what the Ad Platforms say! Then you can start optimizing your digital marketing campaigns based on more reliable & more transparent metrics.

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