f. Platform 161 URL templates

What parameters should I use ?

loopcd (for all analytics platforms including Adobe, Google or Piano Analytics)using the utm_content parameter in substitution is possible (only for Google Analytics)

URL template

If Adloop is the only URL parameter add the following ?loopcd=DIp|${DetectedDomain}|${AdvID}|${CampID}|${CrID}. If your URL already has other parameters (UTM), add this after: &loopcd=DIp|${DetectedDomain}|${AdvID}|${CampID}|${CrID}. If you opt for the utm_content, use this value : &utm_content=DIp|${DetectedDomain}|${AdvID}|${CampID}|${CrID}

Shoud I use both adlcoid & utm_content ?

No, choose one.

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