Channel Insights

The insights include detailed actionable reports & insights about your channels with anomaly detection.

The goal of the channel insights is to offer reports already filtered with or without attribution for example on your nonperforming marketing channels. The access to actionable information allows you to react quickly to your nonperforming ads and turnover your marketing performances.

1. Smart Alerts

To set up you alerts just go to the Smart Alerts section and at the bottom of the page you will find the ‘Smart Channel Insights alert'

![](.gitbook/Screenshot 2023-11-22 145410.png)

2. Set-up

To set up you alert you have to clink on ‘Configure’ and you will be presented with the window featuring all the settings.

First you have to decide the sensitivity of the alert which will determine when the alert is triggered according to different thresholds. You can select Low/Medium/High.

You also have to select the period on which the alert will be triggered. You can select Last 7 days/Last Week/Last 14 days/Last 30 days/Last month

Lastly you have to choose between attributed data and platform data (or both). This means that whatever you choose your alert will only include that specific data.

3. Recipients

When you are a user of Adloop by default you are subscribed to the alerts. To add more recipients click on ‘Add recipient’.

4. Channel selection

By default you are subscribed to the all the channels, however you have to option to configure the subscribers per channel.

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