Metrics picker

Metrics are units or measurement indicators used to judge the web marketing campaigns efficency. Each platform has its own metrics, but some of them are common to most of them, like clicks , impressions , conversion s or revenue .

Overview of the Metrics Picker

![](.gitbook/Screenshot (29).png)

Simply type the name of the metric you are looking for and it will appear, whatever Datasource it comes from or whatever its Visibility settings are.

The language for the search bar is the same as the language displayed. Some names are different in French and in English.

2 - Normalised metrics

For more information, please visit the [[ Normalised Metrics |Metrics-in-Adloop]] page.

They will appear first, as they are the most commonly used.

3 - Source metrics

There you can access all the metrics from the Datasources. They are grouped by name of the Source.

4 - Display zone and metrics selection

Just tick the box to select a metric that will be displayed in the zone 5 (selected Metrics).

You can select up to 20 dimensions.

5 - Métriques sélectionnés

Here are displayed the selected metrics.

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