Rakuten Affiliation Data Source

In order for Adloop to connect to your Rakuten Account and obtain the relevant data, we need you to create a specific report and give us the report's API url.

Dont' worry, we will guide you through the process !

  1. Go to the "Report" tab, click on "Choose Reports" and select "Revenue Report by Day"

  2. Select the following columns:

  • Transaction Date

  • Publisher Name

  • Publisher ID

  • Number of Impressions

  • Number of Clicks

  • Total Commission

  • Number of Orders

  • Sales

  1. Select the same timezone as your dataset, by clicking on the date picker.

  2. Save your report

  3. Click on "View Report" and select "Get API". This will give you an URL.

  4. Copy the given URL and paste it in the field provided by Adloop.

That's it, well done !

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